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Have you ever heard of people working from home and getting paid very well? Now I am here to share with you what I did that gave me the option in life to work from anywhere, anytime and be financially free. To be financially free does not mean you need to own a million dollars of cash in your bank account. It simply means that your passive income is sufficient to pay off your expenses. When we actively work means spending time on the things that generates us income. Passive income is where you don’t physically or actually need to spend time working but it generates income for you. Rental that you collect from your lessee renting your property is an example of a passive income. But to own a property you first need a big sum for down payment, which not everyone can afford it. Our goal today is to help you to build a system that is able to generate you consistent income ONLINE at very minimal start up cost. Sounds too good to be true? Yes it works but not without your EFFORT and DISCIPLINE.

Now here at Home-Clicks, we share with you how to make money at home online with internet marketing and affiliate marketing. While you are reading this, millions of dollars are being transacted online. This number will continue to grow as more people today choose to shop online as it saves them the hassle having to drive to a shopping mall. We can buy almost anything from the internet today and it also gives you a better bargain, better comparison. But HOW do you MAKE MONEY from the things people buy from the internet? Buy products, keep stock and sell online? The answer is NO! Don’t own any inventory, it gives you more headache than helping you! Choose to do AFFILIATE MARKETING and make money at home!

So what is Affiliate Marketing? It gives you the freedom to promote anything, even things that you don’t physically have it. Imagine this, you promote products of what other people sells online (ex. Amazon) and each successful referral will be rewarded with a commission. Your goal is to generate as many successful referral as possible and you earn on the commission paid out. So think again, why would you want to buy inventory and get into another complicated business model.

A Quick Look at How YOU Will Be Creating Success

Success online is at the core a 4 step process nothing more complex than this and this is exactly what you are going to be learning.

Broken, down, the process looks like this:

Step 1: Choose an Interest

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines (leads to traffic)

Step 4: Earn $$$ from your traffic

I would like to share this video with you, a video by CNBC International that shows the life of “Digital Nomad” in Bali. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi spent a day in Bali to test out a new workday routine and meet these people who works thousand miles away from home. This video truly inspires me!

As you go through the training, this is going to be covered in detail. Before you proceed further, let’s take a look at what questions you probably have in your mind. Below are the few frequently asked questions, let’s take a look:

  1. Is this a SCAM?
    • No this is not a SCAM. I am sharing this so that you too have a chance to achieve your financial goals. You should read on and judge for yourself if this is another get rich quick scheme. No payments, no cost at all to read further
  2. Do you need to be an expert in computer/software/programming?
    • No, you don’t need to be an expert in computer science. All you need is to know your niche, write quality contents, get ranked in google and start earning revenue.
  3. I have no knowledge on website coding, how can I build a website?
    • Building a website today is very simple with wordpress. Easy drag and drop plugins with conventional contents input makes building a website today so easy and simple. When I first built my company website I had zero knowledge on coding.
  4. Can I do this part time while still working on my full time job?
    • The answer is an absolute yes. You can do this during your free time but do remember how much effort you put into it determines the reward you get in return.
  5. Do I need start up capital?
    • You can start internet business doing Affiliate marketing at very minimal cost almost anyone could afford. You will need to pay a fee for the domain name and hosting fee for your website. It will probably costs you less than $100.
  6. Do I need to keep stock of physical goods?
    • A big NO! What we are trying to do here is to keep risk as low as possible. The last thing you would want is to worry about stock movement and let your money get tied up in products. Don’t fall into this trap!
  7. How many hours do I need to spend a day doing this to be successful?
    • There is no definite answer to this as everyone is different. You will spend more hours initially as you need to setup your website. Subsequently you will spend less time writing 1 or 2 new posts occasionally to keep your rankings in google. When I started I spent only few hours on weekends working on my website.

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence

Colin Powell


Now let’s move on, I will show you how you can create a free website in my next page.  NEXT PAGE

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  • David

    Thanks for the article, it is very well organized and easy to understand. I did have a couple of questions though. I am a beginner to intermediate when it comes to computers, so how soon can I expect to see some income (If I can put in around 20 hrs per week). And secondly, what are the best items to sell on a website?

    • admin

      Hello David, thank you for commenting. If you can put 20 hrs per week that’s like 4 hours per day excluding the weekends. I think this is a good effort. I only spend about 2 hours a day during night time and its not everyday. I am sure if you follow the training pretty soon you will start to see sales. It took me a month to get my website up and now its about writing more new posts and get social value for my site. As for the items to sell, best way is to decide on your niche and let your writings decide what you can promote with affiliate in amazon. Hope it helps

    • Hi Young, there are many ways of making money at home. You can bake and sell your pastries, you can give tutoring but I chose making money online as it won’t limit me geographically. The market is huge! I just need to market the right products online and the products I can write good contents.

  • Paul

    Hi, Colin, it’s been a goal of mine to work from home now for the past 5 years. I have given up several times.
    I would love to do what those guys in the video do, maybe not in Bali.
    What sort of realistic time frame are we talking to earn around 8k a month to quit my job? Doing it part time.
    Probably 10 hours a week.

    • admin

      Hi Paul, it depends how you spend your 10 hours a week. Its hard to tell exactly when you can start earning 8k a month but having a precise goal is good. Some may take a month to complete a website, while some only take 2 weeks. The hardest part is to get your writing and contents up in the website as the content decides how you attract visitors to your site. I am also doing it part time now and only about 10 hours a week. 

  • Aaron

    Interesting read, Affiliate Marketing is definitely a viable option for someone looking to make money online. Not everyone has their own product or service to promote but that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing you don’t need to… as an affiliate marketer your job is to connect people with the products and services they need or may be looking for. With the help of Google and other online mediums for promotions there’s various opportunities to make a income as a affiliate marketer.

    • Aaron that’s exactly the point, be the platform to provide solutions for your audience and direct them to the source. With the increase in quality of life, people rely on internet a lot for the sake of convenience. Banking, shopping, tutorial, you name it. Be the helping hand, share your knowledge and information, traffic will come to you

  • Neil

    Working from home online certainly has many benefits, with being able to build your business whilst on the move being one of them.

    Affiliate marketing sounds awesome, and I can now understand how so many people are earning a successful income as affiliates.

    I would LOVE to have my own website and make money from through my laptop from recommending products for Amazon.

    I also watched the video, and it’s like OMG!!! Living the lifestyle as a digital nomad – being able to work how and where you want as well as take extended lunch breaks would be incredible!

    Bali seems like such a cheap and chilled out place too!

    Even more of a reason to build an online business, hey?


    • Clemens

      Yes Neil, affiliate marketing certainly gives a lot of people the freedom to work freely. I was very impressed by how Digital Nomads can travel the world while working. What is better than that, stress free:))

  • Jacob Schilling

    I agree with your assessment of affiliate marketing. You have to be mentally strong to succeed in this business model. You will get unexpected results at first, and you will have doubts at times, feeling as though the odds are stacked up against you. You have to overcome this process of thinking when in the affiliate business, and push yourself to work hard and earn that success.

  • Jacob Schilling

    Hi Clemons. I think that affiliate marketing is one of the best business models out there. Running your own gas station or restuaruant requires you to have to put trust in the people you hire, and honestly, having a hiring process sounds like a huge pain in the neck, and then the investment to have products to sell is huge. With affiliate marketing, there are low start up costs, and the products you promote is simply referring people to products you recommend within your chosen niche.

    Technically, you don’t even need to own the products you recommend as long as you are informative in your reviews.

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