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This post is written for you if you are looking for ways to make money from home online. My intention to use the word “Home” don’t literally mean to be at home physically but being anywhere you want as long you have access to the internet. Home is a place where you feel comfortable and being yourself, away from the torturing and stressful working environment in any corporate offices. I posted a video about Digital Nomads residing in Bali, Indonesia on my homepage, if you have not watch it, you can watch it here. I am sure for some, this is probably new to you and it will probably inspire you to be the next Digital Nomad.

Back to the topic “How to make money from home online” to be honest there are so many ways. You can make a few dollars extra by participating in online survey or you can spend few weeks to build a website that can earn you passive income. But for sure what effort you put in is what you will get in return. Much effort, much prosperity.

If you are thinking of ways to build sustainable business online, I will be sharing a few below. These are just the few that I picked from many that I found easier and straight forward to understand.

  • Online shop

This is the traditional way of trading online. When internet was introduced, many traders turn to advertising online to gain market in areas where marketeers could not reach before. Internet has open up doors for businesses to expand beyond geographical limits. It has help many to reduce operating cost and increase revenue from goods sold online. Many individual business owner runs an online store today. The tedious thing about doing online store is to be actively managing the inventory and arranging logistics. You need to be able to keep up with the orders coming in and you sending the goods out to the buyers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? It means the Affiliate (you) provides channel to market a certain goods or service to generate visitors or customer to a website and gets rewarded for the marketing effort. In short, you help promote products or services  that you don’t own and get rewarded for the traffic or any successful sale. Let me give you an example. Tod is a professional gamer. He spend most of his time playing video games and have played almost any game ever released in the market. What he also does is he writes review for all the games he played before and posts in his personal blog. Due to his quality writings, gamers tend to visit his blog to read his reviews before deciding to make any purchase online. Tod further add sales link in his blog which directly links any potential buyer to the game store. This link tracks and pays Tod his commission for all sales generated for the game store. Let’s study the scenario, Tod doesn’t own a game store but because his blog helps the store to convert sales, Tod is rewarded a commission. This is Affiliate Marketing and the good thing about it, almost anyone is possible to start an affiliate business. No huge start up capital is required. No rocket science knowledge is needed. No inventory management headache. Find out how to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, read more in Wealth Affiliate

  • Offer Gigs on Fiverr

If you have some professional experience and skills on IT, Designing, Writing, etc., you could offer your service or gigs on Fiverr. Fiverr is an online platform that offers the buyer the chance to buy a service or a seller to sell his service for a fee as low as $5. If you have your skill sets and wish to work as a freelance, try this. Explore further with Fiverr .

  • Educational Videos Online

Whats most valuable today is providing information. People today tend to search information online more than any other source. When you share valuable information online, you will gain trust from the readers and this will in return convert into traffic. What is also trending today is posting educational videos online. This videos are shared to give valuable information and guidance to readers. You can either use the videos to generate traffic and get affiliate sales or make sales from the video itself. There are websites that offer video tutorial and charge per video or a subscription fee that grants access to the entire library. I want to show you an example of an educational video posting website that teaches dog owners how to train their dogs. Visit the “theonlinedogtrainer



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  • Stuart

    Hi there,

    Great post I am all for making money online and being a freedom-preneur, working from anywhere around the world. Doing the things we like to do, with the people we like to do them with. I am delving into the affiliate marketing arena, I already have a passive income from another source. Your site has helped me understand the arena a bit more, from several prospectives. Thank you for the informative information. Cheers S

    • Hi Stuart, I love the idea of working anywhere and the thing about Digital Nomad truly inspires me. I feel there is more in life than just stuck in the rat race. Great to know you already have your passive income from another source. Hope to see you around in WA

  • Excellent post! I love your reference to home being anywhere you feel comfortable. I have to say that i completely agree with you. There are plenty of opportunities to cash in online even with all the scammers out there.

    I do a combination of blogging and affiliate marketing and i am very pleased with the way things are going. It has not been easy but it has been possible. Each day i have to work very hard on my business but its all totally worth it.

    I feel that what people really need to succeed online is a reliable and truthful learning tool and i say this from personal experience. No one wants to waste their money on garbage that is not going to teach them anything, right?

    My advice is to give Wealthy Affiliate your best shot. There is a reason why over 800K people are actively using WA every day. There is no up-selling or BS training. If you are serious about seriously making money this is the best route to go.

    I also like that you mentioned Fiverr because its an excellent way to make money online as well. If you have skills with web design or content writing you can make real money right away.

    • Hi Justin, I agree with your feeling that people really need to succeed online. Just wish I could share the same personal experience with people around me and see them succeed too. I find WA more and more engaging with so many involvement from the whole community. I just posted a question and got the answer in less than 20 minutes, an answer that’s genuine from past experience not some BS textbook copy and paste. I am even checking from my phone every notification I get from my email. I got hooked:))

  • Hi Clemens, I love your broader definition of home. I’m a work from home Mom blogger and home often looks like a coffee shop. These are great ideas. I’m trying my hand at affiliate marketing and Fiverr. So far I’ve made more with Fiverr. I haven’t attempted to add an online shop or educational vides to my blogs yet. Thanks for the encouragement. Does it cost a lot to set up an online shop on your site? A bit nervous of taking this step.

  • I like the fact that you say “home” can be anywhere. I never thought about it that way. But it is so true! I am an affiliate marketer and I hope that someday soon, I will start making enough, so that I can live someone of my dreams. You make me want to work harder at this 🙂

  • Hi Clemens, for the past few years I’ve fantasized about becoming a digital nomad- parking myself up a mountain somewhere- Wales maybe…
    It’s no longer just something I daydream about- I’m now taking action and working towards making it a reality. Looking forward to reading your other material on the site. Keep it coming!

  • Brandon

    Great suggestions my friend, but my favorite has to go to affiliate marketing. I’m currently writing reviews for products in my niche and making money monthly. I make more money by writing more reviews and helping my audience. Now tell me what boss from a “real job” gives pay rises left, right and center? Absolutely no boss in the world, which is why blogging has to be one of the best jobs in the world! Thanks for this awesome article 🙂

    • Amazing Brandon. Good to know you are already making money monthly from your reviews. Indeed Affiliate Marketing is one of the best way to earn extra with the least investment in terms of monetary. You need to spend time thought but what doesn’t need time:)) Bosses will always try to squeeze in anyways they can to maximize their profit. Best thing is to make use of the internet today. Cheers!

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