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Many asked, if there is such thing as online business for retirees? Well of course the answer is an absolute yes. Age don’t matter! As long as you have access to the internet you can make a living online. Both my parents are close to 70 years of age and they are still actively working in the office. Statistic shows that a person engaging in intellectual activities helps in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s probably why they still prefer to work than to sit at home not doing anything. Keep active, stay healthy!

If you are reading this because you are a retiree and is looking for ways to earn some side income, I am here to share with you how you can do this online. Internet has bridge businesses between continents and has made communication so much quicker and more efficient. We rely on internet a lot from buying groceries, banking, equities trading to email communication, you name it. What you probably don’t know is this multi billion worth of transaction going on online everyday is something you can also benefit from if you know how. For seniors who have retired is probably the best people to do this as they have more free time in a day as compared to someone who is working 9 to 5.

To understand how to make money online, see below for the broken down 4 steps process.

Choose an interest – First think of an interest, a niche where you can write and share information with your audience. It is important that your content is able to help your readers as they are there to seek knowledge or advise. As you write, what you should really focus on is not how much money you can make but how the information that you provide can help your audience. This is the key in writing your articles as search engine like google recognizes and rank pages that provides quality content. For the purpose of explanation, I have chosen “Baby Colic Relief” as the topic for this example. In the article, you share about the cause of baby colic and some remedies to relief it for babies. This keyword has very high count of monthly  searches in google but the competition or the number of websites writing on the same keyword is extremely high which may have difficulty to rank on the first page against other more established sites. The criteria of a good search keyword will be covered in another post but for now let’s ignore this.


Build a Website – After you have decided on your niche, you will need to create a website where you can post your articles. Building website today is so much simpler with WordPress. WordPress offers web hosting, built-in plugins, domain name registration and hundreds of theme design available to choose from. I have written a post on how to build a free website with siterubix. You can take a look here

Attract Visitors – After your site is up, its about time to promote your website to your audience. They are your potential customer who reads your posts and may convert to a sale. The more visitors that visit your site will potentially generate more sale for you. Getting rank on first page of search engines will result in far better traffic and this is your priority. Again how your page rank is highly dependent on the search keyword for your post, if the keyword has traffic and if the QSR is low. Lower QSR means the keyword has less competitions and this makes it easier for your page to rank and be seen by your audience. Lastly share you posts to Facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter and any other social media platform available. Good articles are being viraled in social media and this is a very good way to promote your website.

Earn Revenue – So far we have not touched on the making money part. So how do you make money with your content? We know how important the content is but the gem are the visitors that visit your site. This is a strong selling point for your site and this makes you an authority for your niche. Baby colic remedies, simply search this in any online store such as Amazon, you’ll find lists of products available that can help relief colic for babies. Join Amazon’s Affiliate program, place links in your website that will drive your visitors to the online store if they are interested in buying the product. Successful sale will credit you commission. We call this Affiliate Marketing. Isn’t this fantastic, no huge capital involve, no inventory needed and still you can sell things online simply by referring a sale. Below shows a screenshot of the list of products in Amazon that you can promote in your site and how to get link.


Earning revenue online is a long process that involves proper training, a learning and supportive community, dedicated time and effort and lots of patience and determination. But it is definitely something worth spending time on, as when you start to see your site referring sales, all your hard work are being paid off. Getting your new site up is the most difficult and time consuming. This is the time you need support from a learning and giving community. But everything is possible, as a senior or retiree you can make the best of your free time in generating side income. All the best!

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