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I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member in 2015. My initial intention was to create a website for my company that was trading tools and equipment in the automotive industry. Wealthy Affiliate not only taught me to create my company website, but also made me realize what Affiliate Marketing is all about, a very unique way of making money online. The largest taxi firm is Uber, but they own no cars. The most valuable online retailer, Ali Baba, carries no inventory. This is what I did too, promoting products and services that I don’t own, and each successful referral rewards me with a commission. This is my personal honest review about Wealth Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Starter Membership, $0
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100
Who is it for: Newbie to Expert


Strong Points, Why Join Wealthy Affiliate

  • Free sign up membership available with access to most basic tools
  • Step by step lesson and completion check list so that you can track your learning progress
  • Lessons are made so simple that anyone can understand and learn easily
  • Interactive lessons that you apply immediately as you learn, a total practical and theory learning engagement
  • Live chat where you can ask questions and get immediate help from other members around the world
  • Community to share ideas and get concrete feedback on your websites
  • The fastest way to gain shares is among the community itself, more shares lead to better rankings in search engine
  • As a free Wealthy Affiliate member you get to build 2 free websites at zero web hosting costs with siterubix.com
  • Access to Keyword Search Tool where you can search for good keywords with less competition. Keyword is important in getting good rank
  • Live video classes shared every week
  • Miss out any live classes, don’t worry. Watch it later when video replay is uploaded
  • Continuous support from the product owner Kyle and Carson with direct access to both


How am I sure if this is good for me?

Are you one of the below?

  • Are you someone looking to earn a little extra pocket money?
  • Are you someone looking for a non-routine job
  • Are you someone who wish to work while you travel, a “Digital Nomad”
  • Are you someone who is frustrated with your 9 to 5 job, looking for other options
  • Are you someone who wants flexibility in your job
  • Are you searching ways to achieve financial freedom
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for everyone. It takes one person to make it happen and also the same person to make it fail. That person is you


Live training videos @ Wealthy Affiliate

Join live training on Wealthy Affiliate, just click and pre-register


Proper training courses with checklist for tracking of progress

Getting overwhelmed by too much information? No idea where to start? Wealthy Affiliate offers 5 levels of certification courses with clear step by step instructions. Get a tick for every completed training on your checklist for easier tracking of your progress.


Everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing only @ WA’s Affiliate Bootcamp

Another 7 phases of training specifically for affiliate marketing. Get yourself equipped with the latest and most informative online marketing strategies.

What are Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options?

Register with Wealthy Affiliate today and enjoy these benefits as an online entrepreneur. Get help from the community and contribute back in the way you can. This is how we grow our business, we grow together.

Register for free with Wealthy Affiliate




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  • Excellent Wealthy Affiliate review Clemens, thanks. I was interested to see that you started out with one intention for your website and landed up discovering affiliate marketing. I have a similar story. My initial idea was to build a website to launch my book… must get back to writing it sometime soon. 😉 Blogging offers up so many different ways to earn, who knows how many twists and turns we will take on this journey?

    • Lauren, you know what, to be honest writing was never what I like. It takes me forever to write even a paragraph, going back and forth deleting the same lines over and over again….:))But I realized writing helps me to express my opinions and practice makes perfect. What made me write even better is to be able to share with people my ideas. Wealth affiliate is truly a platform that helped me to gain confidence in internet marketing. Reading so many success stories in WA it makes it very possible to achieve similar success myself.

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